“We recently decided to put our house up for sale.  Being avid watchers of TV shows such as “Buy Me” and “Sell This House", we decided that we should look into having professional stagers provide a consultation on our home.  When Jacqueline Paradisi of Universal Concepts walked into our home that day with one of her associates, I felt as though my husband and I had been pulled into one of these TV shows and we were celebrities!  Jacqueline made us feel proud of our home the way it was.  She complimented us on how far along we had brought our house with regards to showing it to the general public and then she gently led us down the path of staging our home for other people, not us!  By the time she had finished her consultation with us, we were very excited about the possibilities she spoke of.  True to her word, she listed only those “Top Ten” suggestions she felt would propel our house forward into a quick sale!  They weren't earth shattering or financially exhausting, suggestions.  They were well structured design ideas that would work perfectly for our particular home. We followed 90% of Jacqueline's wonderful suggestions and our home sold to the first people who came through!  I know that under most circumstances, that is pretty unusual, but my husband and I both agreed that had it not been for Jacqueline's help, our house would never have sold this quickly!” Jacqueline, you are the best! 


Thanks again

The Maxwells



As the listing agent of my client's 5-bedroom home in Burlington, I engaged the services of Jacqueline for staging – current real estate conditions had indicated that the market was slowing down in anticipation of the upcoming school year.  My client had been living in her home for over 33 years and had grown accustomed to the current décor and layout of furniture – needless to say, there was a great deal of skepticism initially in hiring a stager.  Upon greeting Jacqueline at the door, it took her less than 60 minutes to outline exactly what needed to be done to present the house in its best possible light.  Not only did the house sell in less than 7 days, but there was such interest in the property that it sold for thousands over its asking price in a multiple offer situation.  Now, my client is looking to purchase a new property and is a convert with respect to staging a home for sale.  She has extolled its virtues to her friends and family and now considers it an integral part of the process.  Thanks for a professionally conducted, excellent job Jacqueline!


Marian Keriakos,


Representative RE/MAX Condos Plus Corp. Brokerage 416.315.2565


Jacqueline simply has a flair for people and decor. Her energy and enthusiasm makes it a true pleasure to be in her company. She understands first hand how to present properties in their best light and how "first impressions" impact buyers and sellers. The choices she encourages and recommends are truly appropriate for the home to show its best! Her customer service is First Class! Her abilities are Awesome! Like ReMax, Jacqueline is truly "Above the Crowd" Thanks, Jacqueline. You're the Best!


Wayne Warrener

Re/Max Del Mar Realty Inc., Brokerage

When I decided to move to Hamilton from Toronto, I purchased a loft that was in need of a facelift. I decided to put the job of creating my new space into the hands of a professional, and interviewed several candidates, most of whom seemed more interested in obtaining consulting fees than in meeting my needs. I was close to despair when I found Jaqueline Paradisi, and immediately felt that she is the person who actually cared about her clients. Over the next two months she worked tirelessly to make the space become the dream home that I could scarcely have envisioned. She oversaw the installation of motorised blinds, pendulum light, and plumbing fittings, as well as painting and decorating. She purchased items with character and charm. Jaqueline gives generously of her time, and refers only the best and most reliable tradespeople. I cannot recommend her services highly enough, and welcome any prospective clients who would like to contact me for further endorsement.


Yours truly,


Peter Watson

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